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Collaboration is a tenet of my artistic practice. I have been able to work on a variety of projects with brilliant artists. Working with others is a welcomed challenge: I find these collaborations allow for experimentation, justification, and celebration. Sometimes it just takes another person to encourage the work to expand, become, and __________.



current/on-going projects



with Alina Josan



with Patti Swanson


goo from the earth 

with Brittany De Nigris







ILSSA Member [Local 215 Shop LM]


to hold yourself to, contribution for Quarantine Public Library

 i took a digital dérive, contribution for MR. DISTRO







past collaborative projects


Rest Belt, 2017 / A one-day [one-way drive] exhibition series curated in collaboration with Keenan Bennett. Exhibitions occurred at every Eastbound

Service Plaza along the Ohio Turnpike, OH.